If you would like to remember or honor a loved one or beloved pet by making a donation to Wildlife Rehab of Greenville, we will include a memorial on our website. Please contact to inquire or mail a check and the form below.

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In memory of Donna Hammett Evins, a former member and rehabber of Wildlife Rehab of Greenville. Rest in peace and thank you for your work with wildlife from WRG.

In memory of Donna Hammett Evins from Letitia Jolly.

In memory of Donna Hammett Evins from Candace Gillespie.

In memory of James Jarvis, an animal lover, by JoAnne Smythe, 2017

In memory of Heather Dalton O'Shields's father, Harold Dalton, from Rick and Ingrid Blackwelder Erwin.

In memory of Jean Ford Sentry from Phil and Betty Addington.

In memory of P. J. Dalton, my beloved cousin, from Mary W. Bradley Stanley

In memory of P. J. Dalton, mother-in-law of Tara Smith, from The Board and Staff of Behavioral Health Services of Pickens County

In honor of Caroline Bell-Mulligan from David S. Mulligan

In honor of D.Caroline Bell-Mulligan from Michael Jordan

From Sara Jane Corwin, in memory of Marge West.

From Brian and Sherry Wood, In honor of Mike and Linda Hoskinson for rescuing an owl that had been blown from its nest.

From Michael West, in memory of his beloved wife, Marge West, who was an animal rescuer and lover of skunks.

From Wendy Watson, in memory of Marge West, a fellow WRG member and rehabber. I miss you, my friend.

From Mike and Linda Hoskinson, in memory of Marge West, a great rehabber and skunk lover. You'll be with us always, in heart and mind.

From Tim and Karen Herold, in memory of Wayne Simmons.

From Bobby and Angie Branyon, in memory of Wayne Simmons.

In honor of Judy Young, the best sister in the world, from Jane and John Daniel.

In honor of Britton Smith from Deborah Simmons.

In memory of one of our own, Wayne Simmons. He was a rescuer, rehabilitator, cage builder, and a wonderful human being. He will be greatly missed! RIP, Wayne.

From Rick and Wendy Watson, in memory of their beloved cockatiel, Sunny.

From the members of Wildlife Rehab of Greenville, in honor of the veterinarians that provide loving care to our patients.

From Linda and Mike Hoskinson, in memory of their special chihuahua, Taterbug.

From the members of Wildlife Rehab of Greenville, in memory of their patients that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

From Fred and Kathy Wood in memory of our dear friend, Ethel McCreary, who cared for all living things, be they animal or human.

In honor of Sally Thomason, from Chuck and Elise Thomason, for her birthday, 2012.

In memory of Amy Beauchamp Fobear, a former member who loved all animals, especially squirrels and rabbits. It was our privilege to know you. RIP, Amy.

In memory of my son, Phillip. By Suzanne Warda. He found our first orphan opossum, Blossom, and helped raise and release her. He loved all of nature and wildlife. He is loved and missed.

In memory of Paula Tablas Kemp Bartlett, from WM. M. Ingretsen, Janie Harris, Alyce Dewitt, William Norton, and CPJ Technologies, Inc.

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